Balance Energy with this simple technique

Feeling drained, tired or spacey? We all tend to feel overwhelmed, tired or overactive at times. This is a great way to balance your energy- to receive and let go. I use it very often and all my students and clients who have used this technique after  Reiki attunements, guided meditation or healing sessions have found it immensely and instantly beneficial. More

FOMO!!! Does this effect your Work/Life Balance?

FOMO is Fear of Missing Out!  Many of us have the fear of missing out on social scenarios at the professional or personal front. Whether it is visiting the social media sites often to see what's new or a social gathering or even peeking into a co-worker's cubicle. The Fear that others may be having  more rewarding experiences (or fun!) and one is missing out. This fear is often tied to feelings of discontent and disappointment . It can be physically and emotionally draining effecting your energy and productivity, which in turn effects your work or personal life in many ways. Teens or adu.....View More

Mindfulness at work – start small!

Give Mindfulness a chance Create a “To-Be List” Got a short break in between tasks? Or simply take one during the day, pause and ask, “How am I being today?” Curt or understanding? Defensive or open-minded? Did I push away my co-worker by a cold remark? Take a post-it and make your “to-be” list and intend to make it a goal. Write   a word or two about who/what/ how you would ideally like to be. Keep it in a discreet place in your desk and keep your intentions in check! Writing the note by hand is a physical cue that adds positive reinforcement......View More

Forgiveness is the smell that Lavender gives out when you tread on it!!

Love, Love Lavender Oil!! Calming and Relaxing, I diffuse it the most. It has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties and great for the skin! Blend it with fractionated coconut oil and sandalwood oil and apply it every night on the face Or blend it with any carrier oil and apply on your hair for stop hairfall, dandruff and promote regrowth. Diffuse it at night for a relaxing night of sleep and reduce anxiety and depression as it calms the nerves. Helpful for nausea, chapped lips and acne as well. One oil and so many uses!! A must have!.....View More

Charged Water- Simply beneficial!

Do you have a gold ornament or a gold coin? It is probably lying in your safe or the safe deposit box in a bank! Well, it's time to take it out and use it to improve your health. Water charged with a metal, specially gold can work wonders! Simply put the gold coin in a glass or jug of water for a at least 4-5 hours and then drink the water. To enhance the benefits, use a silver glass or jug. This water charged with gold can help enhance memory,immunity, increase energy and metabolism. It is also beneficial for respiratory illnesses, asthma and arthritis. Simply put the gold coin in a glass .....View More

Bone Breathing- An Ancient Taoist Meditation

I have been practicing 'Bone Breathing meditation' for a while now and has it done wonders?!! I feel more energetic and free of any aches and pains. Bone breathing  is a profound technique to strengthen the bones, reduce stress, encourage revitalizing sleep,increase immunity, boost energy and overall heal the body. It can be practiced anytime and is easy to learn. Exercise 1: Sit or stand in a comfortable position. Place three fingers (pointer, middle and ring) of each hand on your abdomen- a little below your navel. Take deep breaths visualizing that you are storing positive chi (e.....View More

Cord cutting meditation – get rid of negative attachments in your relationships

Do you get stressed easily by someone? Cord Cutting Meditation is an effective yet very powerful technique to heal your relationships with yourself and others. 'Cords' are negative attachments that harm our relationships and most of us keep thinking about the same person who harmed us and cause grief and stress to ourselves. This meditation helps to 'cut the cord' with these negative attachments/ memories, taking control of your own thoughts and emotions. A very powerful tool!! You will be surprised by the memories you have stored in the subconscious and sometimes, it takes multiple times to '.....View More

Raising your vibrations….

Do you feel depleted of your energy? Are you a lightworker or a healer or an empath and being around certain people or in certain places make you feel depressed OR drained of all energy? Sometimes it is not even necessary to be in the company of someone to feel that their negative emotions are beng absorbed by you voluntarily or involuntarily. The goal should be to raise your frequency and vibrations so high that these energies can harm you no more. Some of the ways that have been beneficial for many is Guided mediatation and visualization. I have been practicing Guided imagery with myself and.....View More

Feel Centered and Grounded Instantly

We all have been in situations where we feel depleted of our energy due to physical, emotional or mental strain. It is then that anger, worry and fear take over our mind and body detaching us from ‘being present’ and causing imbalance and for many, a shift away from the body. A simple and quick technique that has worked for me is that I close my eyes and touch my heart, even gently tapping it if needed. This physical touch brings one back to the present and gives a sense of soothing comfort and assurance of our existence and presence. Taking a couple of deep breaths, visualize a golden lig.....View More