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Feeling stuck? Anxiety? Fears?


That happens when the body’s energy needs to be balanced and aligned. 

I know. I have been there. I can help.

We tend to store emotions and stagnant energy in our body creating disharmony and stress

The most important relationship in life is with yourself!!!

Inner Sanctaury Monica

I am Monica Kamran….  Intuitive Energy Healer, Reiki Grandmaster, Corporate Wellness & Stress Management Coach who can help you reclaim happiness by incorporating a healthy lifestyle and eliminating stress. Join me in my quest for spiritual knowledge and growth. Each soul has its own purpose and its own unique path to connect with the higher self and consciousness. We all have the capacity to harbour immense love and compassion within us but have to explore the distinct path that leads to the peace within…the Inner Sanctuary..an abode of awareness and enlightenment.

Energy Healing

Healing using Individual or integrated alternative healing modalities for balancing, energising and regulating the body’s energy

Animal Reiki

Give the gift of healing to your furry friends. They thrive and respond positively to healing by this divine energy


Explore and experience effortless mindfulness techniques including breathwork & self -talk strategies in single or series of sessions

Reiki for Cancer

Palliative & supportive healing sessions for cancer survivors and individuals going through cancer treatment to ease anxiety & effects of chemo

Chakra Healing

Balance the chakras or energy centres of the body with Reiki, tuning forks and crystals

Corporate Wellness

Wellness sessions for corporate employees to foster community, boost productivity and lead towards optimal health.

Embracing Autism

A Journey through Autism with meditation, mindfulness, reiki and somatic exercises for children and young adults on the spectrum


Transformational growth, energy upgrade and self realisation through meditation for adults, children and events.

Support Groups

A safe space to share and feel supported by a listening ear and a compassionate hand for grief and trauma

Teaching/ Mentoring

Classes for all levels of Usui and Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki, EFT, mind-body-spirit flow, holistic wellness for all ages

Akashic Records Reading

The memories of the journey of each soul are accessed for guidance and deep healing as we connect with the spiritual masters

Private events

Host a meditation, painting with meditation,chakra healing with tuning forks for your next family or friend gathering

Space Clearing

House, office or any space blessing, clearing out stagnant energy and promoting harmony and peace in your life

Transformation Starts Here

Alternative Healing is complementary to traditional medicine and many hospitals and medical centers are now recommending mindfulness, meditation and reiki to their patients. Individuals in recovery from anxiety, substance abuse or more have empowered themselves with mindfulness/ meditation techniques to manage anxiety and withdrawal symptoms.
My mission is to promote integration of mind, body and soul to enhance consciousness, to create a life with alignment to one’s purpose by making mindfulness a way of living and not just a conditioning or belief system. ‘To make the mundane meaningful’ and mindfulness a state of mind.

My teaching experience & energy healing expertise help to gauge & accommodate the needs of each participant presenting the content in a realistic manner using ‘slice of life’ events. Being grounded, centred & mindful can help one to make conscious decisions, manage emotions, optimise energy and develop coping skills to face the challenges of life. I believe that mindfulness is not a chore and I specialise in teaching practical ways to integrate it in daily life, customising it for teens, their parents & educators. One Mindful Healing Moment at a Time!

‘Monica is a wonderful spiritual teacher of meditation, reiki and energy. She is highly empathetic, intuitive and genuinely cares in helping you be healthier and happier. She is great with kids as well as adults and has an uplifting energy and a healing touch! Highly recommend her as a healer and a teacher.’

Harini Karthik

Jan 24th 2023





‘I had an exceptional experience, but I also believe it will greatly differ from person to person. I do think Monica has special abilities working with energy. However, I think that in order to get the most out of it, getting into a relaxed state will be vital to your experience.’

Alexander Fedyashov

Aug 11, 2022

‘I was very impressed with Monica’s approach to teaching. She understood how overwhelming the information could be and she breaks it down to the core basics for any level to pick up quickly. I loved that she had an equally hands on approach as well as a lecture portion. She was very open to questions, encouraging and welcoming…couldn’t have been happier.’


June 8 2022

‘I am so GRATEFUL that I was able to find Monica to help my son and I do Level 1 reiki. The life changing gift that she has given my son and I is WAY beyond the value she charges for. My son is only 4 years old and she made him feel comfortable, welcomed, and included. He is so happy and proud of himself, thanks to Monica!’

Xavier T

Software Developer & Mindfulness Advocate

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