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I am Monica Kamran….  Intuitive Energy Healer, Reiki Grandmaster, Corporate Wellness & Stress Management Coach who can help you reclaim happiness by incorporating a healthy lifestyle and eliminating stress.
From Childhood, I felt a deep connection with the world of holistic healing, intuition and intention. My journey started as a Behavioral Therapist for Children with Autism and then working in a preschool. I worked closely with the families with children with special needs and observed that anxiety and stress affected them immensely. It was not just Behavioral or Cognitive therapy that worked but embracing the  holistic healing approach that reaped results.

As I had my own children, I took to teaching  children with learning disabilities & ADHD from home, and  used my education in Early Childhood Development and Training in ‘Teaching Parenting the Positive Discipline Way’, Mindfulness and Meditation to gain focus and relief from anxiety. I did get an opportunity to work in a school setting as well, giving it my heart, soul and dedication. A totally unexpected award came in as a ray of sunshine and I was the ‘Employee of the Year‘. Yay!! A motivating, blessed moment and validation of my efforts and a reminder that you ‘Energy Follows Thought’ and dreams manifest when you have belief and then, just leave it to the Universe.

Life has been a roller coaster with its ‘bumps’, ‘jolts’ and ‘lessons‘!! Every bump and jolt taught a ‘lesson’. The best ‘lesson’ I learned was that we have the power to heal ~ ourselves and others AND my happiness is in my control!

After a couple of jobs for sustainability, I took the leap of faith to follow my calling as a healer. A lot of hard work including inner work, and I got several credentials which include Certification in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Child Meditation Facilitator (Guided Imagery Specialist)
Certified Mindfulness Instructor for Children, Certified Meditation Instructor, Certified Corporate Wellness Coach, Certified Master EFT Practitioner, Access Bars, Emotion Code Practitioner, Certified Death Doula and Pranic Healer. I also incorporate Healing Touch techniques in my practice.

I am the Wellness Coach at  Alcor Solutions Inc.

And was a Fitness Expert at Tinder, San Francisco (till COVID hit)

I am thankful to be a part of ‘Apart But Not Alone‘ conducting Mindfulness sessions for teens. An organization started by 2 teens (so proud of them!!) for youth to battle anxiety and stress during the pandemic. It was covered by the KRON4 news!! A big achievement for the team!!


Another Blessing was the ABC News Coverage!!!


Years of exploration & curiosity; a Foundation of  integration and holding my ground managed to get me through chronic pain, allergies, emergencies and medical crisis in the family. My breathing, reiki and mindfulness helped me stay afloat. With the crisis, I learned that life CAN change in a minute! It was a phone call that changed my life as I was informed of the medical crisis. The trauma can last for months and years Or there can be a song, conversation or just a thought that triggers the emotions related or caused by the crisis.

I realized that Life throws balls of circumstances at us and its not ‘Why’ but ‘How’ we handle them is what matters!! Each moment and thought is precious and I HAVE the choice to consciously choose my thoughts (does not happen always!) or at least switch from negative to positive mode. This can be challenging but not impossible!! The Universe listens closely and fulfills desires, we just have to ASK with full focus, emotion and belief. It does give us what we intend. I have learned to value and embrace my power and hold space for others.

It’s now my intention to live a vibrant, whole-hearted, and healthy life and to help others do the same regardless of the external and internal forces at play while exploring and connecting with the different inner ( & spiritual) realms.

Alternative Healing is complementary to Traditional medicine and many hospitals and medical centers are now recommending Mindfulness, meditation and reiki to their patients. Individuals in recovery ( from anxiety, substance abuse, etc.) have empowered themselves with mindfulness/ meditation techniques to manage anxiety and withdrawal symptoms.

In fact, I have worked with many teens, college students and adults facing anxiety, insomnia and stress due to academic pressure, peer competition or transitional milestones. Incorporating mindfulness techniques in their daily routine either helped them reduce dosage of medication ( even opioids)  or completely avoid medication. This experience was so rewarding that I made it my mission to outreach different communities about the non pharmaceutical modalities to manage stress. I joined the National Coalition Against Prescription Drug Abuse ( ncapda.org) as a Board Member and Youth Ambassador Mentor. I am  member of the Contra Costa Meds Coalition and a Certified Mental Health First Aider and here is the link to the  SELF HUG series that I facilitated for the Coalition.


Learning is an ongoing process. COVID19 meant getting more tech savvy!! Online webinars, Zoom classes and now an Online course!! There were setbacks as well but some good came out of it. So grateful and blessed for another beginning.

A glimpse of some of my projects

  • Coverage by ABC7 News
    Coverage by ABC7 News
  • Self Hug Series for Contra Costa Meds Coalition
    Self Hug Series for Contra Costa Meds Coalition
  • Webinar: Supporting Children and Managing Stress During the COVID Crisis
    Webinar: Supporting Children and Managing Stress During the COVID Crisis
  • Webinar: Supporting Children and Managing Stress During the COVID Crisis
    Webinar: Supporting Children and Managing Stress During the COVID Crisis
  • Mindfulness session for Apart But Not Alone
    Mindfulness session for Apart But Not Alone
  • International Women's Day by REWIRE
    International Women's Day by REWIRE
  • Walking the Ramp for SEWA fundraiser
    Walking the Ramp for SEWA fundraiser
  • Tri Valley Womenz Networking Event
    Tri Valley Womenz Networking Event
  • Stress Management Session for Heal Circle
    Stress Management Session for Heal Circle
  • Wellness Session for Youth for ICC Tri-Valley
    Wellness Session for Youth for ICC Tri-Valley

Special Guest at the ‘Family Of Women’ Gratitude Area’s Passion with Purpose Program

Featured in “Women of the Bay Area”
Women Of The Bay Area
Featured Interview on ‘Inspired to Inpire
Inspired to Inspire

Featured Interview on Ekla Chalo re -How has Reiki been helpful to Individuals with Autism


Panelist on the Radio Show ‘Voices- Drug and Substance Abuse’

Here’s a glimpse:

Watch the complete show for information on Drug Abuse, How mindfulness helps and how to get educated


 Phone: 408-569-9555
Email: monica.kamran@innersanctuary.xyz


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