Join me in my quest for spiritual knowledge and growth. Each soul has its own purpose and its own unique path to connect with the higher self and consciousness. We all have the capacity to harbor immense love and compassion within us but have to explore the distinct path that leads to the peace within…the Inner Sanctuary..an abode of awareness and enlightenment.

At the center, the intent is to offer opportunities to learn tools to attain deeper consciousness of the self and one’s surroundings and the ability to use those skills and modalities to lead a fulfilling life, being mindful of the present. Listen to your body and soul truly understanding the needs that can be fulfilled by listening to one’s inner guidance for the highest good.

Inner Sanctuary  offers  workshops, classes and a Women’s Circle to help you reach your destination. Click on the  Calender tab to see upcoming events.

Located at 2641 Crow Canyon Road, Suite #4, San Ramon, CA- 94583



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