The guidance is provided by the Masters or your spiritual masters or guides and the practitioner is simply a messenger. An Akashic record reading is to support you and enlighten your path. This is a very high frequency energy and healing can also take place during the session. You may release a limited belief or experience a sense of calm. The reading may be by visions, words or in short sentences, so please come with an open mind and if on phone/online, keep a notebook handy!
Each session begins and ends with a short prayer and grounding meditation.

Akashic Records

The Akashic Records are the memories of each lifetime of the soul. The records reveal the blueprint of the soul and its journey. A reading for 60 mins can be done in person or via phone/online. The questions should be specific but not limiting.
The best questions to ask are:

Kindly note that this is not a future reading or prediction and no time based, legal, health and medical diagnosis are answered.

The Akashic Record masters answer the questions with regard to what one should know and needs to know at that particular time and not what one wants to know. There is also an emphasis on Free Will- we have free will to make certain decisions and choices and the masters show us the possibilities. That is why just ‘Yes or No’ questions should be avoided.

$ 160 for one hour session

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