Space Clearing & blessing can be done at any time but may be beneficial:

  • Before moving into a new home or business space
  • Before selling or renting a new home or business spaces
  • During any kind of stressful circumstances 
  • After a chronic illness or death in the home
  • If there is a lot of conflict in the home
  • To promote a regulated flow of energy to enhance peace
  • When anyone in the house feels stuck, low or restless
  • When you feel discomfort or feel unsettled in a space
  • When you wish to invite positive energy for harmony and grow



Space Clearing

Energetic space clearing is offered through a collaborative process using an array of holistic, aromatic, sound and energetic clearing techniques to re-balance and nourish the healthy flow of energy in homes, offices and commercial spaces.

Space clearing and blessing is an ancient, primordial practice found across many cultures. This is done through intention, prayer, energetic healing and sound therapy.

Clearing can be done on site or remotely. 

Starting at $150 (plus travel) depending on the size and location of the home, office or space.

If you are a realtor or property manager, CALL ME for a Space Clearing Package.

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