What Is Corporate Wellness?

Corporate wellness programs are specifically designed to support and encourage a holistic approach to all aspects of employee wellbeing including physical and mental health and stress management. Research shows that Corporate wellness programs that support employees mental health problems reduce their chances of anxiety and burnout and lead to increased productivity.

Schedule a Wellness session for your Employees to remove stress and increase performance- be it for team building or be more aware of how to live a healthier life.

Benefits of corporate wellness Programs

  1. Increased healthy lifestyle and behaviours
  2. Improving productivity
  3. Improved workplace culture
  4. Reduction in healthcare costs
  5. Incentive for employee retention

Workshops offered include

    • stress management and avoiding burnout
    • Neck and back pain management
    • increasing self-esteem and self-care
    • mindfulness and meditation
    • creating better relationships

    Staff Development Days

    Call in for a relaxing and rejuvenating session of Mindfulness and guided meditation for your Staff and take away techniques to share in the classroom making learning easier and fun!

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