Reiki is a non-invasive energy healing modality for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes mind, body and soul healing.The body has the innate ability to heal itself but only when it is in a relaxed state. Reiki healing helps the body to be in a state of relaxation so it can start healing itself. We tend to store stagnant energy and emotions in our body and reiki helps regulate the flow of energy in the body by balancing the chakras (energy centers) by removing the toxins from the body and purifying the aura.
Individuals suffering from Anxiety/Insomnia: People suffering from chronic aches and pains, depression, emotional stress, insomnia and anxiety have experienced relief by regular treatment sessions. Many have learned Level 1 Reiki to give themselves regular healing sessions.
Reiki is being used more and more as a part of Corporate Wellness programs, in hospitals and Health Improvement Programs. Reiki is beneficial for one and all. It might be relief from a migraine to overcome anxiety for an upcoming job interview OR helping out a friend battling with cancer.

What happens in a reiki session?

In-person reiki session
All sessions are individual sessions where the individual lies down on the massage table (fully clothed) and the practitioner scans the individual’s energetic bodies to assess the flow of the energy, any blockages and stuck emotions. Reiki healing is then given by lightly touching the physical body and to the energetic bodies by placing the hands a little away from the body. It is common to feel sensations like tingling, heat, chills etc as the energy starts to flow in the body though most people tend to relax and feel calm and tend to sleep as the body relaxes.
Distance Reiki
Reiki Healing can be sent remotely as well. The effect of the healing is the same, it is just sent from a distance when the in-person session is not an option due to scheduling restrictions, illness, distance in physical space or other reasons. The person needs to be in a relaxed state when the healing is sent- sitting or laying down and open to receiving healing energy. The time of the healing will be scheduled ahead of time and only the name and photograph of the person to be healed will be required. Kindly contact Monica for Distance Reiki.

Email Monica if you or someone you know needs healing…Reiki and healing thoughts will be on their way……

Healers, Therapists, Teachers, Massage Therapists or Family members of Individuals with special needs can incorporate Reiki in their practice to enhance their practice and goals. Continuing to practice Reiki self-treatment consistently, every day, over a period of time, is how you really come to understand Reiki, and to reap the greatest benefits: improved wellness, health promotion, disease prevention, and an enhanced sense of meaning in life.
Training for all levels of Usui, Tibetan, Holy Fire and Karuna Reiki is offered
Can’t make it to the workshops or training offered? Schedule a customized class

Reiki for children – 30 minutes

Reiki – 45 minutes

Reiki – 60 minutes

Reiki – 90 minutes

Distance Reiki Available


Monica is an angel who has helped me with my chronic shoulder pain. I have made significant progress over the past couple of months and the healing is continuing. I highly recommend her.

Divya Sharma

Monica is a very warm, kind, and knowledgable teacher. Her instruction of the history, basis, and process to Reiki (level 1 in my case) was superb. She was able to guide me and others to understanding the principles of Reiki as a practice for both personal use as well as potential future use to others as a paid service. Ultimately, I felt that the instruction component was very good, but the healing experience went even further and opened the door for me to understand how to achieve my goals as an energy healer. Thank you Monica!

Mario O

I had Reiki done for the first time by Monica Kamran. I went for it as I had irregular sleep. My sleep issues were resolved after I received it. The process of receiving Reiki was very relaxing and soothing. Her facility is inviting and very neat and clean as well.
Monica Kamran knew that this was going to be my first experience with Reiki. She explaining me about what to expect during the process and what is expected in the next 24 to 48 hours. This helped me undertake Reiki with ease. Her dedication and competence at this art is remarkable and I strongly recommend her.

 Harneet N

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