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Chakra Healing

There are seven Energy or Power Centers located along the spine that radiate energy into the energetic field around our body, these are called ‘Chakras’ in Sanskrit. Each Chakra corresponds to various organs & glands and thus any imbalance of a particular chakra, may result in physical ailments and illnesses. Each Chakra bears an influence on our goals, ambitions, relationships, perspectives and how we perceive life. For optimal spiritual, mental, physical and emotional well being, it is essential that the Chakras are balanced, energised and aligned. If the energy flow is restricted, the chakras may be compromised causing the stagnant ‘chi’ or energy to cause various kinds of imbalances. The first three Chakras are the ‘Chakras of Matter’, the fourth Chakra is the Connection between ‘Matter and Spirit’ and the fifth, sixth and seventh Chakras can be referred as the ‘Chakras of Spirit’.
Energy Healing techniques of Reiki and Healing Touch are incorporated along with aromatherapy and tuning forks to align and energise the chakras. Each session is for an hour.

$125 for 60min

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