What is Meditation?

Meditation is not a method of achieving anything at all. It is peace and blessedness in itself.

 ~ Great Master Zhiyi

Meditation opens the heart and reveals our deeper relatedness to all beings. It is a practice, an experience and a technique where an individual focuses on one object, sound or thought to attain awareness of oneself and realize a tranquil heart and clarity of mind. Meditation helps silence the mind, enhances self awareness, reduces stress and manages emotions. Meditation instills humility and a non judgmental attitude.

Why should you Meditate?

When we meditate, we realize total rest. Meditation reveals to us what was always there: our values, beliefs, emotions, goodness and calmness of spirit. It is truly ‘connecting to the source. Sitting in meditation is nourishment for the body and the soul, obtaining harmony, lightness and awareness of thought and the body itself.

Research shows that practicing Mindfulness and Meditation helps to thicken the gray matter in the prefrontal cortex responsible for planning and problem solving. Many studies have shown that incorporating these practices in our day to day life can help reduce pain as the areas of the brain that store emotion and memory are less active. Meditation strengthens the neural connections and can change the configurations of these networks as Brain cells go through a process of reorganization, dynamically adapting by creating new pathways inside the brain.  As meditation helps you feel calmer, happier and reduce anxiety, so how you think and feel changes the neural connections and thus the brain cells go through a process of reorganizing and  adapting to this change by creating new pathways inside the brain.

Meditations offered but not limited to:

  • Meditation with mudras
  • For pain management
  • Stress relief
  • Managing emotions
  • Manifesting abundance
  • Moon Meditations for goal setting 
  • Inner exploration
  • Bone breathing
  • Breathwork

Want to learn to meditate?

Meditation sessions are offered frequently at the Inner Sanctuary Wellness location. Please subscribe to our newsletter for updates Or see the Events page.

Meditation classes are for at least for 4 weeks, one hour each week. $20 per person. Call to start a virtual or in person meditation class if you have 4 or more friends. 

Meditation sessions available for Corporate events and private gatherings


A simple meditation that helps to connect with Mother Earth and ourselves and raises awareness about yourself and your energy. Practice it daily and you will become more mindful of your body and inner self and it will help you ‘let go’ off negative feelings and energy. The power of visualization is magical and can be life changing.

Mediatation for Prosperity and Clarity

A Calming meditation to help re-energize, bring in prosperity and clarity. Connecting to the Earth and the Universe and cleansing the Sacral and Heart Chakra is the key to be in the receiving mode.

Restore Peace and Ease Instantly

A very simple meditation to add more love and kindness to your life and experience instant peace and serenity. We use the visualization of pebbles of peace being thrown in your life to create the ripples of compassion & healing And simply ‘throw away’ the thoughts that we do not wish to keep.

White Light Meditation

Divine White Light Meditation to ensure relaxation even at the toughest of times. Practice it anytime and anywhere to protect yourself and get rid of the energy that does not serve you anymore.

Meditation for Self Love

Self Compassion is an integral part of being mindful. But while care for others, we do not do the same for ourselves. Our self talk can be judgmental and harsh. This is a powerful meditation for cultivating Self Love which helps you create kindness and compassion for yourself.

Disclaimer: The featured techniques and tips are a tool for self empowerment, stress reduction, motivation and relaxation. The content is intended for information purposes and is not intended as a psychological intervention or a substitute for qualified medical advice. Please do not make any alterations to medications or health regimes without consulting your doctor. In the process of self empowerment, some bodily functions & emotions may be temporarily affected as a result of the shifting energy of newly acquired techniques of meditation and mindfulness. Please practice all techniques at your own discretion.
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