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Instructor: Monica Kamran


Stress Management Coaching

Stress presents itself  in different ways in different aspects of our lives. It’s a natural human response to challenging or distressing situations that come our way. But if and when stress becomes persistent or chronic, it may have a negative impact on the  mental health, productivity, relationships, and overall well-being. If you are feeling low, anxious and find it hard to focus, stress may be affecting your executive functioning interfering with your ability to take decisions, executive daily activities and manage emotions.

Monica will work with you to find the  emotions and thought patterns that are triggers to causing stress. She  will be your guide in this journey by developing strategies and providing tools to reduce stress effectively using Mindfulness, EFT, time management, emotion regulation, cognitive behavioral strategies, DBT ( Dialectical Behavior Therapy) and more.

Reiki Training

REIKI I ~ First Level Training
Anyone and everyone can learn this beginners course. Introduction to Energy healing, reiki healing modality, and why it is needed.. We will discuss the philosophy and history of Reiki practice, Reiki Precepts, hand positions and how reiki supports an optimal well being. Although the main reason for Level 1 is for self healing, you are able to give Reiki treatments to family, friends and pets.
There are no requirements to join the course other than a desire to be connected to this natural healing energy.

REIKI 2 ~ Second level Training

Learn more Reiki techniques and symbols and how to send Reiki from a distance to any person far away. We discuss how to set up a Reiki practice and  on completion of this training, you will become a Reiki practitioner and can start your own business.


Reiki Master level

You should have practiced Reiki 1 and 2 for at least 6 months and with different people.Reiki Master level attunes to a higher frequency of energy. You learn all the advanced techniques  of Reiki and how to attune others for all the levels of reiki and are able to teach Reiki classes. Structuring and conducting reiki classes will be discussed in depth. Mentorship via attending and assisting classes facilitated by Monica is an option to deeper learning.


Manual and Certificate included for all Classes.

Please contact Monica to schedule a class, if you do see a class on the Calendar.

3 month Package- 60 min weekly call/meeting: $ 120 each session

6 month package- 60 min weekly call/ meeting: $100 each session


I thoroughly enjoyed this Reiki Level One class given by Monica Kamran. She’s very knowledgeable and teaches in a very friendly, peaceful environment. I learned a lot and look forward to practicing the techniques she taught us. I also look forward to taking the next level Reiki class with her.

Zaida Owre

Monica was a wonderful teacher. I felt very welcome and at ease. I learned a lot of really great information; including the history of Reiki, details on how to begin a session, some information to tell people so they know what to expect when receiving a treatment, details on what I may experience, a hands-on demo, and I received my attunement. It was very informative

Nicki C.

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