Gratitude adds Fullness to life. Start each day with a positive thought and gratitude in the heart. So thankful and Blessed for all my Clients!!


In order to take my business to the next level in terms of healing and metaphysics, I felt I needed a much better handle on Reiki and how it might work with my products.

Monica explained the history of Reiki, how it worked, the key guiding principles and how anyone can practice Reiki for healing. At the end of the course, she attuned me and instinctively knew to work on my shoulders (a problem spot for me since graduate school) and my knee (a recent injury on a trip to Arizona). I felt so good after the course I went for a two hour walk in Golden Gate park without any knee pain, which is something that I had not been able to do in the last month. Monica taught me how to practice Reiki on myself, and any friends and family, as well as pets. I have been practicing on my knee and am happy to report that I have not had to take even one Advil since I have seen her. I fully intend to pursue my Level Two Certification with her.

Monica is an excellent Reiki Master and through her good energy, I believe she is making everything she interacts with happier and healthier.

Romi S


I really enjoyed the class and your teaching style. I have been practicing Reiki on myself and have significantly improved an injury that I have had for over a year! I injured myself really badly in a yoga class last year and could barely bend forward. I went to physical therapy for a few months which didn’t help. Ultimately, I’ve just had to limit my exercise especially yoga (which I love). I’ve been doing Reiki for about 7 minutes 2x per day on the site of the injury and where I feel pain and I can fold forward about 50% further than I could just a few days ago!

Blair W


Thank you so much for the lineage, reiki pillars, and reiki attunement. I feel like so much in my life and the way I view myself has changed since the class. I’ve been practicing every day since and have had some really powerful sessions.

Trinity H


Hello Monica!
Thank you so much for today’s class
I enjoyed it very much.
Also thank you for the healing prayer for my son and I.

Lindsay H


Thank you!! The session was awesome in so many ways! Yes! Want and need another session! You are   wonderful!
Robin L

Thank you Monica for the distance Reiki. My sister in law felt good yesterday. She is suffering from ALS   and has been having problems moving her legs. But after Reiki, she was able to move her right leg.

Your Reiki sessions are Relaxing and Satisfactory!!

Varun (Host YouTube Channel, Autistic Skeptic)

The reiki session lets you stay in the moment. This line of treatment is better than the traditional chemo   treatment for cancer. Monica’s session relaxes me after my chemo and relieves me from the pain,   dizziness and nausea effect of chemo. I can feel the energy later on for days. It’s a relaxing and   mesmerizing experience.

Patty G ( Cancer patient)

Thank you Monica! I wore the crystal bracelet you made and the positive reiki energy given to it really helped subside the swelling and pain that was bothering me for several days. I want to learn Reiki for myself now!

Punita K

She took my anger away!!

–  Danny, 4 year old after a reiki session


How guided meditation has helped me:

– it has helped me deal with my problems in a calm and controlled manner

I used to always be nervous and sometimes even cry in many situations, whether I was taking a test or just making simple decisions. I was always stuck in the past wondering if I did the right thing and I was always depending on my parents to help me get out of my bad moods. Going to college helped me realize that I was no longer going to get my parents complete support, since I was living away from them, and came to the conclusion that I had to find a different way. This was when mediation came into play. Just doing simple exercises such as grounding helped a lot. Now I’m not saying that I didn’t still cry and hesitate and that meditation completely changed my way of thinking, but it did help me realize there were other options I could take and that helped me come out of my negative loops much faster.

doing meditation or just deep breathing helped me in times of presentations or anything stage related

Now I’m generally not nervous when it comes to presentations, but I know that if I am unprepared or don’t practice ahead of time there was no way I could stand in font of anyone to tell them about a topic. There was a presentation we had to do for our twelfth grade final and I was stressed because I didn’t practice enough. So I simply did some deep breathing and grounding before I had to go and that greatly enhanced my performance.

I am able to provide more assistance to my peers, from the times of nervousness to times of extreme depression

Going to college helped me realize that there were actually people who were much more stressed than me. So when they asked for tips that would help them calm down I often gave them breathing and meditation tips. I will be honest in saying that some people thought I was crazy when I talked about my interests in meditation and chakra healing and some people took my advice but was too shy to to it themselves. Many times when I closed my eyes to do meditation some people would ask me what I was doing. And when I told them, some people even friends, would look at me weird, but most people found it interesting and wanted to do it with me. I even had one friend who had been under depression. Most of the times when me and her other friends tried to give her advice, she would always daze of and wouldn’t listen. But when I gave her simple tips on how, not to change her mentality in the long run, but to be happy in the moment, she was very open to the idea. I used to be wary of people making fun of me before I started meditation, but doing meditation helped me realized that I really shouldn’t care for the negative remarks because I believed in the ways of meditation and knew it was something that could help others as well. 

-was able to broaden my peer group, as there are many people out there who are interested in similar topics as well (for anyone who is nervous about going into meditation or doing meditation in public places, many will actually find it interesting and  do it with you)

-simple meditation tricks such as deep breathing or just closing my eyes and sitting undisturbed for a while assists me in public spaces.

    Meditation is not only for when you are alone in a quiet room. I’ve done it plenty of times in public places as well and it has really helped me to make decisions in the moment.
Nithya (A heartfelt testimonial by a freshman at college)






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I am so GREATFUL that I was able to find Monica to help my son and I do Level 1 reiki. The life changing gift that she has given my son and I is WAY beyond the value she charges for. My son is only 4 years old and she made him feel comfortable, welcomed, and included. He is so happy and proud of himself, thanks to Monica!

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