Chapter 1

Be your own Energy Healer!

Written Course material:
Energy awareness- What is Energy? How can we feel it?
Example: What happens when you hug a friend?
Feel the Vibrations! Make an Energy Ball with your hands.
Chapter 2
What are Chakras? Get to know your Energy Centers!
Written Course material:
Introduction to Chakras- 7 Energy Centers and how they are affected by everyday stress and how each action and reaction is closely associated and correlates to the balancing of these Energy Centers.
Guided meditation (5 min) Audio led by Monica – deep breathing into each chakra

Chapter 3
Create your own space and healing- Relief everyday Stress
Written Course material:
Tips provided to how to create your own sacred or personal space where one can ‘visit’ several times a day.
Deep breathing and Visualization guided exercise to relieve stress and rejuvenate (Audio)

Chapter 4
Rejuvenate and Nourish the soul with the power of Intent!
Written Course material:
The Power of Intention – Introduction to Energy Healing Modalities- Focus on Introduction on Reiki
Step by step instructions to form affirmations and personal goals and how to accomplish these goals using the Power of Intention.
Brief Introduction to Reiki.
Grounding Technique (Written instructions)

In your own words describe what is energy? How has the practice of feeling energy made a difference in your life?


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