Reiki for Centering and Stability ~ Earth Star Chakra

We are spiritual beings having a human experience. This experience encompasses both conscious and unconscious exploration of the soul’s journey. The journey begins with ascending to higher realms, but curveballs and pitfalls can muddle our focus and goals with distractions. Distractions, circumstances, decisions, choices, and genetic conditioning lead to an accumulation of our karma and the karmic effects. Accompanying these are cords and bonds with energies, emotions, limiting beliefs, and thought processes which deeply affect our core existence and our foundation.
There are seven major chakras or energy centers along the spine of the body and others outside the body. One of the chakras is the Earth Star Chakra. Our Earth Star Chakra is our personal link to the Earth’s nurturing life force, its crystalline grid, and the Divine light within the Earth.

The Root Chakra is associated with our roots, survival, and how we conduct our lives and is associated with how centered we are. The Earth Star Chakra, located about 12 inches below the feet, goes a step deeper. It transcends past lives and thoughts beyond our consciousness. As our soul progresses through the primary ascension stage, our Earth Star Chakra expands in size and power, guiding us to our mission and purpose.

At birth, our 5th-dimensional chakra blueprint is programmed with the content of our higher self’s life purpose, stored in our Earth Star Chakra. As we grow and form opinions, judgements, bias and get conditioned by the world around us, this chakra gets imbalanced as well.

Start a Reiki session with focus on the feet as it aids in grounding the individual and stabilizing their connection with the Earth. This stable connection fosters self-respect, focused decision-making, regulated energy flow, and improved health. In my sessions, I’ve found that focusing more time on the Earth Star Chakra makes the client feel more supported, nurtured, and centered. Earth Star Chakra activation strengthens this connection, creating stability, particularly aiding those who experience out-of-body sensations or find meditation challenging due to restlessness and energy surges.

When practicing Reiki, begin by setting your intention and grounding the client. After scanning and sweeping to remove stagnant energy, focus on the Earth Star Chakra for a deeper connection. This involves ‘sweeping’ in that area to move the energy and then channeling Reiki. In case you are not familiar, ‘sweeping’ is removing stagnant energy from an area by moving the hands in a sweeping motion. While giving Reiki, hands can be pointed towards or around the feet, following your intuition. Visualize energies and emotions that do not serve the client being released into the Earth. You can then move to other parts of the body. Towards the end of the session, refocus on this chakra to facilitate the client’s processing of high-frequency energy.

This practice is immensely beneficial for individuals with chronic diseases, cord attachments, and high conditioning from cultural upbringing or environments, helping to release bonds formed by past karmas.

Visualization for Activating and connecting to Earth Star Chakra:

  • Sit in a comfortable posture with feet touching the floor. Sitting on a chair with feet on the floor works best for this visualization.
  • With hands on the lap, focus on the breath. Take deep breaths noticing how the breath enters and exits the body, making you feel relaxed and releasing any tightness in the body.
  • Now bring your attention to your feet and feel the floor under your feet and notice how your feet feel. As you keep breathing feel your feet getting more relaxed and if needed, just rub your feet against the floor to feel the physical connection. Just release any tiredness or tension in your feet.
  • Now bring your attention to your Crown Chakra or the tip of your head and visualize a ball of copper colored light. Visualize this light going down your body, filling your body, travelling down to your feet and into the Earth.
  • Now with each breath, visualize that this copper light is going deeper and deeper into the earth. Once you are in that space, observe what comes up? Any thoughts, emotions or visions? This is where we carry the connections and karmas of past lives
  • Whatever comes up, just release it to the Earth, surrendering to the copper light as it gets brighter and more luminous to clear and dispel all cords and connections that do not serve you anymore.
  • Feel your energy intermingled with the Copper light going deeper into the core of the earth, connecting you with the Earth’s energy.
  • Now with a deep inhale, visualize that copper light merged with the Earth’s energy is filling your entire body bringing in more centeredness and calm.
  • You might feel tingling in your legs and feet. Slowly bring your attention back to your breath and gently open your eyes.
  • Repeat this visualization often for more stability in life.

Connection by Intention and Presence

The conscious intention to connect to the Earth Energy by roots, a cord using the breath and allowing your consciousness to drop into that space with openness. Doing this in nature as you feel the connection with the elements of the Earth, enhances this connection to make one feel more decisive, open, centered and sense of self.

Reiki to your Earth Star Chakra

As the steps to give Reiki to others have been discussed above, you can activate this chakra by setting the intention of a deeper grounding before a self-Reiki session and being in that space accessing your limited beliefs. If you have been working on yourself on your lower chakras for releasing trauma, repeated thought processes and fears, consider incorporating this chakra in your regime. You can also send Reiki to the Earth Star Chakra by intention.

A more stable and deeper connection with the Earth broadens one’s perspective as we gain social consciousness, expansion of interconnectedness with others and as the Earth’s positive energy dispels accumulated negative energy, we find more clarity in our purpose of life. This chakra can be activated through meditation, intention, grounding practices, and deep connection to the Earth’s core or crystalline energy. Spending conscious time in nature also activates this chakra.

Note: This article written by Monica Kamran was first published here

Founder of Inner Sanctuary Wellness, Monica Kamran is a Usui Reiki and Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki Master;Akashic Records, Emotion Code, Healing Touch& BARS practitioner. She teaches Reiki, meditation, mindfulness and helps people reclaim peace by coaching stress management and emotion regulation.
Written by Monica Kamran


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