Pebble in a Jar

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Mindfulness needs practice and I often use Meditation to be mindful. Meditation helps to calm the mind, still the mind, silent the mind and the thoughts just come to a halt. And THAT, helps with being Mindful, being and staying in the present and just appreciating the present moment.

But there are times that old thoughts come up. Thoughts of what hurt me years back and how some things have not changed OR there will be something that triggers a memory of me being hurt by someone and how I could have reacted or rather responded more appropriately and…emotions explode!

I have always been practicing meditations with Visualizations and teaching them as well and then incorporating them in my life. That was the important part as that kept the consistency and the real practice going!!

This meditation below involves a visualization of throwing pebbles in a pond…a very old Buddhist meditation, modified over the years.  In this meditation, you throw pebbles in a pond…pebbles that represent your thoughts that you do not need or want anymore. Just simply throw them rather than struggling to decide how to ‘let go’ OR instead of focusing on the negatives, focus on the positive and throw pebbles of kindness and love or compassion in the pond of your life!!

The meditation is effective but what is more effective is…taking a mason jar and putting a pebble in it every time I feel I need to add some kindness to my life. We are our biggest self critics and seldom do we talk kindly to ourselves. When you visually see the pebbles growing…the love growing…the kindness growing…the self compassion growing…it motivates me on my journey of connecting to myself and the source.

Get ease and peace. It is that simple!


Written by Monica Kamran


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