Cancel, Clear, Delete…….

We all are on a journey……our own journey…..we have to find our own path as what works for one, does not work for another. In my quest to be mindful and ‘BE PRESENT’, I realized that one of the components of being mindful is being nonjudgmental or letting go of judgement. We tend to judge every situation, every person, every event and every reaction.  I realized that I wanted to be mindful and really enjoy each moment but the mind kept chattering, it always does! Thoughts come and go and sometimes, so rapidly…one thought after another…it’s like my mind is having a conversation of its own!!!

I could not be mindful if I was busy judging even though I did not have any intention of judging! But, the good part was that I was progressing on my path as the very first thing was to BE AWARE. Be aware of the chatter and judgement. Only then I could stop it or at least reduce it. Most of the times, the thought came with an emotion- anger, disappointment, worry or fear to name a few. A very common example was when someone just cut in front of me Or was driving too slowly when I needed to get somewhere fast and he/she just slowed me down! I would be calm yet a thought went across my mind (with a hint of frustration) something like,” OMG! why can’t they go faster! Why be in the left lane when you have to drive slow!” I realized that, that emotion would stick in my mind, body and energy. A culmination of these kinds of emotions can lead or at least contribute to a lower frequency and vibration And we have to work harder to let go.

Well, I did not want any low frequency thoughts in my energy field but quickly realized that it was not easy to just ‘think positive’ even though I tried and tried hard. I was judging myself more and more instead!. More judgment! I had to try something else. So, after Being Aware, the next step was to make the switch as soon as a thought or emotion came up. So, I started immediately ‘switching’ to a positive thought as soon as I realized that I had a low frequency thought or emotion And saying, Cancel, Clear and Delete the thought I had earlier. It helped me be more conscious of my thoughts and consciously clear and delete them from my energy field and helped me raise my frequency. I was practicing a lot at first but slowly and surely it became a habit and I realized that I am at a place of non judgement most of the time and that led to more love for others and myself, more consciousness, more joy and more receiving!!

Cancel the thought, Clear the energy and Delete it forever!!! Just Release and let it fly away!!


Written by Monica Kamran


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