Self Acceptance ~ an effective practice

by | May 28, 2020 | Mindfulness tips

Shelter in Place has been transforming, difficult, challenging, productive, a learning experience, a fight for survival, enlightening and even a time to just step back and simply relish the much needed relaxation. The list goes on….
~Different for each one of us!!~
For some, stepping away from the home environment was energizing…. hobbies like basketball, swimming were a paradise ..a retreat…perhaps an escape. Some of us found new ways to re-energize and some of us could not.
Some revel in their accomplishments, others do not have any.
~Different for each one of us!~
Each one of us will emerge differently from this.
Some as Master Chefs, some as avid gardeners, some on anti depressants, some as community helpers, some taking each day as it comes
~Different for each one of us~
I have been conducting mindfulness sessions for teens for the past 5 weeks and many adults join in as well.. We share mindfulness tips and techniques with a different theme each week and this week, the theme is ‘Acceptance and Letting Go’ ~ much needed self compassion, love and acceptance.
Whatever the experience, I felt that SELF ACCEPTANCE and LOVE is SOOO needed to help cope up.
A simple practice or visualization of looking in the mirror and looking in your eyes and saying, “I AM ENOUGH”, “WHEN I FULLY LOVE MYSELF, I AM ABLE TO LOVE OTHERS”, “MY SELF-ESTEEM GROWS ALONG WITH MY SELF-ACCEPTANCE”……..or any quote/ mantra that resonates.
This practice is so powerful and effective ..I know..I tried and tested it!
Written by Monica Kamran


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