Raising your vibrations….

Do you feel depleted of your energy? Are you a lightworker or a healer or an empath and being around certain people or in certain places make you feel depressed OR drained of all energy? Sometimes it is not even necessary to be in the company of someone to feel that their negative emotions are beng absorbed by you voluntarily or involuntarily. The goal should be to raise your frequency and vibrations so high that these energies can harm you no more. Some of the ways that have been beneficial for many is Guided mediatation and visualization. I have been practicing Guided imagery with myself and others and it has had immense emotional and mental benefits along with the rise in the vibrations. Getting rid of the excess baggage is one of the reasons that hinders in this process and guided meditation can help you “cut cords” and “release” and “forgive”. Once you let go of the baggage, working on raising your vibrations gets easier. Being one with Nature is helpful too. Go for hikes, a small walk or just a little chanting in the sunlight will do the trick!. Try it for yourself!.

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