Mantra and Meditation

Tips to assist you in your journey…

Chanting Mantras has long been associated with the practice of Meditation. It helps feel the vibration and the energy to rejuvenate the body and the soul while meditating and reap the benefits of meditation itself.

Assists in Focus: Chanting mantras helps in getting the focus in meditation. It helps center the conscious and subconscious. Beginners are often distracted by thoughts and/ or dwell into their senses getting distracted by their path and often need a focal point or a locus to bring back the attention to the source. This is where chanting comes in. Many are often clouded with thoughts while meditating, filling the individual with an influx of emotions related to the thought itself OR with guilt of deviating from the meditation .Chanting helps bridge the gap and , making the transition of coming back to the meditation much easier.

Choosing a mantra: Keep it simple! Choosing a mantra that seems alien and will take a while to master because of the language or memorizing is a common obstacle. The focus and thoughts go towards getting the mantra ‘right’ rather than the meditation itself and the individual loses the motive as well as the energy. Sometimes some negative thoughts and energy are accompanied with worry and concern about the mantra and during this process of memorization. The mantra is meant to be a tool to assist you in this journey of discovering the conscious and subconscious and bridging the gap between the two.

Relaxation and Calmness: It has been proven and, I can speak from practice that regular chanting helps in relaxing the mind and has a calming effect on the body as well. Once the mantra is associated with meditation, simply reminiscing the mantra reminds the conscious mind of the relaxation experienced by the mind, body and soul bringing it to a peaceful and meditative state of mind.

Breathing: Regulating the breath is an integral part of meditation and one can use mantra reciting as a tool to regulate the breathing. Whether it is deep breathing or short breaths or a combination of both; there are several techniques used by meditation teachers.

Connecting with the higher self: All Mantras have a divine meaning and vibrational frequency and by repeating the mantra, we connect ourselves with the words and frequency of the mantra itself; thus connecting with the healing intention of the mantra. The connection with this higher vibrational frequency then helps to purify the body and mind leading to the journey of discovering the higher self.

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