Meditation Begins!

Reiki works on Intuition and Intent. It is very important that your intention is clear, specific , positive and beneficial and more importantly, not harmful for anyone. It requires Focus and Belief in yourself, Reiki and the fulfillment of your desire with the help of Reiki. This is where meditation comes in. It helps to increase Focus and calms the mind. One can meditate in many different ways. I started with a very simple kind of meditation- the ‘Sun Meditation’. It has calming and gives immense peace while reminding me of the colossal universe and our trivial existence.

The sages and preceptors have advised us to meditate during the morning and evening. The ‘Sun Meditation’ is very simple, yet very soothing and energizes the whole body and calms the mind. This meditation is done in the morning when the sun is rising. Simply look towards the rising sun with your hands folded in prayer position feeling the rays penetrating each cell of your body while taking deep breaths. Slowly increase the time and can meditate with closed eyes as well.
This can easily fit in your time and schedule. I know, I did it!

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