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Feel Centered and Grounded Instantly

We all have been in situations where we feel depleted of our energy due to physical, emotional or mental strain. It is then that anger, worry and fear take over our mind and body detaching us from ‘being present’ and causing imbalance and for many, a shift away from the body. A simple and quick technique that has worked for me is that I close my eyes and touch my heart, even gently tapping it if needed. This physical touch brings one back to the present and gives a sense of soothing comfort and assurance of our existence and presence. Taking a couple of deep breaths, visualize a golden light beaming down from a little above your head, slowly embracing your body and taking away all the stress and worries as it goes down your feet and leaves the body. This simple technique helps to be more centered and present in the moment and a step towards “Responding” instead of “Reacting” to a situation.

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