Sweet and Simple 🙂

My goal for practicing Reiki has always been, ‘Keep it simple!’. And that’s what I teach my students in all the Reiki Levels, specially when they are starting out. It is a practice to be adopted in everyday life and in every aspect and strata of our lives. But we often need to be reminded of this and that is exactly what happened to me. One of the young boys I teach was eating a snack and kept offering it to everyone around him. Only one person out of five took a chip from his small bag of chips. He was really really excited by that gesture and thanked in return. As I was watching this, I commented that everyone should be thankful to HIM for sharing the little amount of chips he had but he replied,” I am thankful as MY goal this year is to be Nice”. He went on to explain, “It doesn’t hurt to be nicer!”
This young boy falls is in the Autism Spectrum and needs help for achieving standard academic goals….
Simplification and Goodness personified!!! I had a lot to learn from him too!

Founder of Inner Sanctuary Wellness, Monica Kamran is a Usui Reiki and Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki Master;Akashic Records, Emotion Code, Healing Touch& BARS practitioner. She teaches Reiki, meditation, mindfulness and helps people reclaim peace by coaching stress management and emotion regulation.
Written by Monica Kamran


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