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Reiki- A new awakening!

It's been a wonderful week with daily(well, almost) meditation and reiki sessions. These moments offer tremendous calmness and inner peace and above all, a new discovery! A discovery about myself and how I face new challenges that life offers in its golden platter with sides of small moments of joy garnished with tons of blessings.....somehow I just hadn't seen it this way!!! An awakening from a blurry sleep with the clouds making way for the path of clarity...a new journey begins!.....View More

Sweet and Simple :)

My goal for practicing Reiki has always been, 'Keep it simple!'. And that's what I teach my students in all the Reiki Levels, specially when they are starting out. It is a practice to be adopted in everyday life and in every aspect and strata of our lives. But we often need to be reminded of this and that is exactly what happened to me. One of the young boys I teach was eating a snack and kept offering it to everyone around him. Only one person out of five took a chip from his small bag of chips. He was really really excited by that gesture and thanked in return. As I was watching this, I com.....View More

Meditation Begins!

Reiki works on Intuition and Intent. It is very important that your intention is clear, specific , positive and beneficial and more importantly, not harmful for anyone. It requires Focus and Belief in yourself, Reiki and the fulfillment of your desire with the help of Reiki. This is where meditation comes in. It helps to increase Focus and calms the mind. One can meditate in many different ways. I started with a very simple kind of meditation- the 'Sun Meditation'. It has calming and gives immense peace while reminding me of the colossal universe and our trivial existence. The sages and pr.....View More

Mantra and Meditation

Tips to assist you in your journey... Chanting Mantras has long been associated with the practice of Meditation. It helps feel the vibration and the energy to rejuvenate the body and the soul while meditating and reap the benefits of meditation itself. Assists in Focus: Chanting mantras helps in getting the focus in meditation. It helps center the conscious and subconscious. Beginners are often distracted by thoughts and/ or dwell into their senses getting distracted by their path and often need a focal point or a locus to bring back the attention to the source. This is where chanting co.....View More

Enjoy the moment!

We lead most of our lives thinking about the past or the future but often forget the present. Mindfulness is being present in the moment and enjoying each moment fully. A key factor to being content, happy and at peace; mindfulness is what helps us understand our happiness and blessings. It is essential to practice Mindfulness to enhance your spiritual experience and attain the higher self......View More